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Human Nature uses forensic interviewing as a critical aspect of assessing organizational behavior in the workplace. Applications of this methodology are used in pre-employment interviews, incidents regarding workplace misconduct, conflict resolution, and mediation.

Forensic interviewing is an aspect of behavioral science that enables an interviewer to identify truthful from untruthful behavior, by articulating the three basic channels of communication. 10% of communication between people is the result of spoken words. The majority of all communication is comprised of physical and verbal behavior. Forensic interviewers understand and articulate the meaning of the communication through the individual's physical and verbal manifestations to include neurolinguistic eye movement, or how an individual's eyes move as they begin to recall or create information.

All behavior is meaningful. Much of our behavior is generated through the autonomic nervous system, or the body's need to protect itself. These physiological changes tend to be relatively uncontrolled by the individual and thus make excellent indicators that show a person's stress or strong emotion, such as the fear of detection.

Through this type of an interview, decisions can be based on objective and descriptive information rather than subjective and judgmental feelings.

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