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PIA applies years of behavioral research and analysis towards understanding and defining natural human behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, values, and competencies. Our on-line assessments, which combine behavior analysis with computer software operations, can be applied to many organizational facets of your business. Below are just a few applications of how our system can work for your organization:

  • Selection: Benchmarking and matching top talent
  • New employee orientation
  • Employee development and performance plans
  • Retention strategies for key employees
  • Coaching and mentoring top talent
  • Conflict resolution
  • Improved communications

Because each assessment identifies the individual's unique characteristics and pattern of behavior, it provides insight in the following areas:

  • General characteristics and unique qualities of the individual
  • Value to the organization
  • Communication tips
  • Keys to motivating
  • Keys to managing
  • Areas of improvement
  • Ideal environment

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